Wake Up

Apocalyptic signs are everywhere. The birth pangs are passing and true labor is upon us. We have all witnessed the simultaneous drastic decline of no less than 10 major world currencies, a dramatic rise in earthquakes and bizarre weather, famine and starvation on an unprecedented scale, and the global fears of ebola. Yet most American Christians have been lulled into an apathetic sleep that has dulled their ears to the coming hoof beats and blinded their eyes to the unfolding of centuries old prophecies. They say, “It is the same as it has always been.” (2 Peter 3:4)

To these very believers, the Holy Spirit says, “Wake up! The critical hour is just seconds away. Don’t be as the unprepared virgins” (Matthew 25:1-12). Jesus advises us to anoint our eyes so that we may see (Revelation 3:18).

This book seeks to be a wake up call for all believers in Christ who desire to prepare themselves for the coming days. The time is now. The message is urgent. Don’t miss the trumpet sound.

$ 7.99

TERRY GOODING, her husband, and family live in Texas. There she has served in prayer ministry for 28 years. She describes her life from Psalm 103 as “Bless the Lord, O my soul … Who pardons all your iniquities; Who heals all your diseases; Who redeems your life from the pit; Who crowns you with lovingkindness and compassion; Who satisfies your years with good things. Bless the Lord, you who serve Him, doing His will.”