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Typesetting Services

Invisible. Excellent typesetting should blend seamlessly with the content, allowing the reader to effortlessly immerse themselves in the story. We believe that a well-designed book is comparable to a well-paved road; it should provide a smooth and enjoyable reading experience. Our aim is to eliminate any visual disturbances or distractions so that the reader can fully appreciate and engage with the narrative. In essence, our typography should be inconspicuous, allowing the focus to solely rest on the story being told.



I’m Faithe

I fell in love with typesetting in college (back in 1986) when the first versions of modern typesetting software entered the world. And that’s all I’ve done since then!

I am passionate about excellence and have an eye for detail and creativity. I don’t use cookie-cutter templates. Each book is unique and deserves its message to be communicated in a unique way.

Why Work With Me?


I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Linguistics from Northwestern University.
I also have an Associates degree in Print Origination (typesetting) from West Herts College, Hertfordshire, England.


The first book I typeset was in 1986. By 1989 I was the student teacher of the typesetting class at Northwestern University. I have created thousands of books, hundreds of newsletters and magazines, and countless flyers and posters.


I strive for the perfect book. My hope is that the typesetting will be so flawless and seamless, that you are unaware of its presence.




Per page for most books

This per-page rate includes up to 15 images, charts, graphs, or pull-quotes.


Per page for corrections

This fee is waived on the first draft if the corrections are marked up in the PDF correctly.


Set up fee for books under 120 pages

This fee is waived for books of 120+ pages.

Print Books

Traditional print book typesetting costs around $4.00 a page, depending on the book’s complexity. The price is determined by variables such as the number of languages and the length of the text in its entirety.

Author corrections cost $1.50* per page, but if the corrections are marked up in the PDF correctly, then this charge is waived for the first draft.**

For books with fewer than 120 pages, there is a supplemental setup fee of $100.


Since every book is unique, I highly recommend contacting me to discuss the specific features of your book, and I’ll be happy to give you a more personalized quote.

For books requiring a unique design treatment, the fee is $20-$50 per page depending on the complexity of the project.

Bulk pricing is available for those who bring 10+ projects per year.

Ebook (Kindle)

Once your book is typeset, we can create an ePub file for Kindle and other formats.

For trade books, the price is usually a fixed rate of $0.50 per page for Kindle typesetting, but make sure to get a quote in advance.


For jobs that are charged hourly, the fee is $100 per hour.

* There is a minimum fee of $30 a draft
** Assuming an average of 2½ corrections (or fewer) per page.


Karen Martin

I recently discovered your amazing books at the Great Homeschool Convention in Round Rock, Texas. They are so beautifully designed, and I love that it’s focused on the people in history. I absolutely love the art of the books, and am hoping to eventually grab more once we moved from Ancient History to the Medieval/Renaissance and beyond. I’m also extremely curious as to who the artist is because they do amazing work!

Jo Garner

I thought I could just use Word until I saw what Faithe Thomas could do! I did not realize how important typesetting was to my project.

David Johnston

Faithe is consistent and faithful! She does her work well and on time. Our books always look beautiful.

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