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About Us

Master Design Publishing (MDP) is a hybrid publishing company. Unlike self-publishing companies that publish any and all submissions, we only publish manuscripts that our extensive professional experience indicates are ready for the accelerated publishing service we provide. All of our books are editorially curated, professionally designed, and masterfully marketed.

Why Hybrid?

Though not with MDP, Mr Doty nails it when it comes to the reasons for going with a Hybrid Publisher instead of self-publishing.

And here is a great article explaining why you should consider a hybrid publisher like us:
Why you should choose a hybrid – an insiders guide

Returning to Holiness

This book has sold over 500,000 copies and is now in nearly 20 languages. Be sure to get your copy today.

Prayer and evangelism must be combined with a profound return to holiness and spiritual cleansing (2 Chronicles 7:14; Isaiah 59:1-2; Joel 2:12-14). That is precisely the purpose of Returning to Holiness. By God’s grace, we can return to Him.

"A Christian publishing company making a difference, one book at a time..."

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