Life on the Altar

The Way We Are Called to Live

The themes set forth in Romans 12, where believers are called to present themselves to God as living sacrifices, drive the conversation in this book. We are summoned to the altar of God’s presence through the finished work of Christ on our behalf. The Christian life is presenting ourselves to Him every moment, of every day, all the days of our life. This is what I am calling, “Life on the Altar.”

If you are a Christian who wants to align, or realign, your life commitments with the purposes of God, this book is for you. But it is also for those who have not tasted the goodness of God’s grace found in Christ. The message of this book is extended to you as well. My prayer is that you would come to Christ with the open arms of faith and join us as we seek to live for Him.


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We are committed to Biblical Truth – We affirm historic, evangelical Christianity. We are committed to the urgent and unfinished task of proclaiming the truth for the purpose of evangelism, discipleship, and equipping.

Recent Books

Discipleship Preaching

There is a distinct pattern that Jesus used in training His original twelve disciples. Jesus and the disciples employed the exact same pattern when they began to disciple the 70 and then again with the 120. This book is designed to walk you through the pattern used in Scripture that can be replicated in your life and in your church. 

Soaring with the Eagles

This book sets out to empower you to soar with the eagles and take your prayers to a whole new level. Using Biblical, theological, historical, and personal viewpoints, each aspect of prayer is unraveled. Starting with the family altar, you willlearn practical steps to use in your prayer life to give you hope, sustaining power, and preparedness for spiritual warfare and intercession.

Throat Punch Normal

In Throat Punch Normal, we step into your story and take you on a journey of self discovery that is deeply challenging and eye opening. 

The ultimate teen life hack is here. The only thing that now stands in the way of bringing your unique purpose to life is you.

Unvarnished Truth

In much the same way as a person strips away layers of old paint or varnish to get the original beauty of a priceless antique, this book seeks to remove all the layers of lies and opinions that clog our culture, to get to the unvarnished truth of what really matters. Through this process, we’ll see that the truth in Christ becomes our greatest story.


I can whole heartedly recommend Master Design. I will continue to publish with Master Design. They are economical and very professional. 

– Ted Kersh


The books were just delivered. I’m crying tears of joy. I don’t know how to thank you. I’m overwhelmed at the moment and will write you later. The cover is AMAZING! You did a fabulous job.

– Terry Gooding


THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for who you are in Christ and for all your work on this!

– Kathleen Grant

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