The Veiling Society

A world in trouble…A generation lost…A child with a destiny…Ashley doesn’t know it, but she is about to become a very important part of the great spiritual war; a war which is being fought in her own world as well as in Specifia, a strange realm in which she finds herself one fateful day.

Wisdom says Ashley is the heroine of Specifian lore, here to save both the worlds from the evils of IT and her dark city, Society. Though she isn’t sure how she will do this, the little girl takes the huge challenge, expecting adventure and excitement. Though she gets both, she also gains a lot more and by the time she reaches the dark city, Ashley has inside her the one thing that can change everything…the one true Creator, Father God.

$ 9.95 Few copies available.

J C Lynn was born in Charleston, South Carolina. She spent most of her childhood in Genessee, Idaho and Spokane, Washington, with her mother Sue and sisters Heather and Janice. While in Spokane, she graduated from Lewis & Clark High School and soon after married her high school sweetheart.

Lynn has always been a writer, since before she could even write at all, making up stories with her toys even as a tiny tot. Since then she has written many stories and poems, including two full-length fantasy novels: The Journey Through Zjanine and The Veiling Society. Lynn currently lives in Spokane, Washington with her husband Tony and two daughters, Cisily and Emily.