Jesus 101 – straightforward answers to basic questions about Christianity

Does the person of Jesus of Nazareth intrigue you…yet you find yourself unable to grasp the deity attributed to Him? Are you puzzled or disturbed by some of the basic elements of Christianity? Have you never found the answers which effectively quench the persistent nagging of your spiritual doubts?

Then join Leigh Scheele, as she shares the fruit of her personal adventure in faith…a journey which began in skepticism and confusion, lingered in cautious optimism, and culminated in the peace which passes all understanding! The journey continues, but foundational basics provide lasting comfort and strength.

Written in a straightforward, entertaining and easy-to-comprehend style, Jesus 101 will help you achieve a new level of appreciation of such topics as:

  • The truth about Jesus
  • Who He is not
  • What Christianity is, and what it is not
  • The reality of demonic forces
  • How to protect yourself spiritually
  • What God says about astrology and divination
  • How to increase your faith
  • How to forgive those who have hurt you
  • How to better relate to your parents
  • How to achieve a powerful prayer life
  • How to be sure you are going to Heaven
  • How to achieve a deeper walk with God
  • and many more!

$ 9.95

When God instructed Leigh to write about the basics which He had given her, she argued that she was not a Bible scholar. Her list of credentials (educational background in law, foreign languages, real estate, construction, and natural medicine) made no mention of religious studies. God prevailed by assuring her that He does not call the qualified, but He qualifies the called!