The Pout Tree

Children pout and complain for many different reasons. Perhaps they will be upset because an older brother or sister has the privilege of a later bed time. The older child may complain because of the additional responsibilities he or she is given just because they are older.

Children sometimes compare their abilities and talents. This book can be used to remind children (and adults) that everyone has been created with different talents and abilities. Everyone has something special to give to their world!

Let your child join the Pout Tree on a journey through every season as he discovers something very valuable. You’ll meet Wise Mother Bird, Maggie Magnolia, and Piney Pine Tree. Read and find out if they are able to help the Pout Tree get to the root of his problem.

Published by Macbeth Publishers, an imprint of Master Design

$ 9.95/$8.95/$7.50

This book is out of print.

Donna Weatherford enjoys sharing her stories with children by using books, puppets, and active participation. She does workshops for teachers, puppet shows for preschoolers, and birthday parties. Her daughter Holly helps her with the many characters she presents. Donna lives in Atoka, TN with her husband Terry and daughter Holly.