Throat Punch Normal

Throat Punch Normal – A Teenager’s Guide to Finding Their True Calling

What if there was a way to discover the impact you were uniquely designed to have on others?

As a young adult, you may have this feeling that is hard to put into words. It’s like you know God made for something more, but you aren’t sure what that is. You don’t know how or when, but your gut tells there has to be more to life than this. At times you wonder if anyone will ever step in to help you recognize your gifs and lif you out the funk of living just another normal teenage life. Perhaps coming across this book is no random circumstance.

In Throat Punch Normal, we step into your story and take you on a journey of self discovery that is deeply challenging and eye opening. Using examples from the life of the Apostle Paul and the mentorship he received from Jesus, we will detail how, as a teen, you can:
• Unlock your true Potential
• Piece together your unique Design
• Decipher your specifc Calling
• Execute a Strategy to attack your normal
• Know and defeat your Enemy
• Adopt a Perspective that will propel you to greatness

The ultimate teen life hack is here. The only thing that now stands in the way of bringing your unique purpose to life is you.

But fear not. You are not alone.


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Joe Elliott is the Founder and Executive Director of the Catalyst Collective, a non-proft in Austin, Texas pioneering innovative methods to help the next generation grow personally, professionally and spiritually. With twenty years of experience in youth and college ministry, Joe has applied what he has learned by helping Generation Z and Millennials in their search for identity, purpose and belonging as well as guiding parents and pastors in their desire to effectively engage these generations.