Seeing Struggles as Stepping Stones – I & II Peter

FOCUS is a brand new Bible study designed to help you see your life and circumstances through God’s 20/20 long-range vision.

This study on 1st and 2nd Peter will teach you to see your struggles as stepping stones to God’s glory. The apostle Peter brings hope to believers. In 1st Peter, he gives hope to believers facing struggles from without – from the world in which we live. In 2nd Peter, he offers hope to believers facing struggles from within – from within the church itself. These books are extremely applicable to the day in which we live and to the circumstances we face. This study will give you a fresh, new vision filled with hope for the days ahead!

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LeAnn Allen has been teaching women’s Bible studies for over a decade. Originally working with Bible Study Fellowship, she began writing and teaching the FOCUS Bible Study Series at Bellevue Baptist Church over 4 years ago. Now these studies are available for other groups to use.