How the Spirit Filled My Life

The secret of Bertha Smith’s courage and effectiveness throughout a century-long life is that she learned how to die to self…This is the key to spiritual victory, to personal revival, and to effectiveness in ministry. Bertha Smith lived her life with spiritual courage and holy boldness because, like the apostle Paul, she knew that “to live is Christ, and to die is gain” (Phil. 1:21).

~ Michal Ann Goll, Author,
Women on the Frontlines

Testimony and advice forms the content of How the Spirit Filled My Life. In story after story, Miss Bertha tells of persons who have discovered the joy of the Spirit-filled life. She also points out the traps that plague the Christian and offers suggestions for continuing to walk in the Spirit successfully.

If you are hungering to walk a Spirit-filled life, this book will encourage you, guide you, and mentor you on your journey.

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Born before 1888, Bertha Smith went to China as a missionary with the Southern Baptist Convention’s Foreign Mission Board in 1917. After being interned by the Japanese in 1941, Miss Bertha continued her work in China until 1948 when Communism forced her out. She then moved to Formosa (the main island of Taiwan), where she served until her retirement in 1961. After her retirement, Bertha Smith prayed for and ministered to pastors and other Christians up until her death in 1988.