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Holiness – by Dr Rowland Myburgh

Posted on Aug 4, 2007 | 0 comments

Holiness – Right Living in Post Modern Society

This excellent book examines holiness in a clear and comprehensive way. The theological, yet practical content makes it an important read for followers of Christ. No doubt will be left as how we ought to live for God. Apathy of walk is strongly confronted by sound and good Biblical exegesis.

$ 6.95

The Late DR. ROWLAND MYBURGH pastored Table View Baptist Church, Cape Town, South Africa and had been the President of the Baptist Union of Southern Africa as well as the National Ministries Director of Youth For Christ South Africa. He was the Co-Director of Hands On Africa (HOA) and Principal of the Bible Schools. This ministry has, through the Lord, established Bible Schools and Seminaries (Kenya and Malawi), Orphanages (Kenya and Malawi) and Medical Clinics in Migori, Kenya and Namwera, Malawi. HOA’s activities have had a sustained impact upon the region and surrounding countries. He was married with two sons.

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