I Belong Here

I Belong Here is a story about the difference a faithful family can make in the world. God more often than not uses ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things for His work. That’s what this book is about and should enourage us all! God can change the world through you!

Larry Lloyd, President
Crichton College
Memphis, Tennessee

Whether you are seeking God’s will as a new believer or as well seasoned in your faith and purpose for your life, you will find Dr. Ballard’s book, I Belong Here, inspiring, encouraging and an excellent source for guidance in your personal and community ministries.

Daisy Cobbins, Coordinator/Lead Teacher
Welfare to Work Program
Jackson, Mississippi

If you long for your life to become more courageous, helpful, balanced, and equipped for using your talents, time, and money for the well being of societal life, this is the book for you!

Eugene K. Cashman, Jr.
The Urban Child Institute

JoeAnn’s book is a fun and fascinating read.

Dr. James R. Young III, Senior Pastor
Grace Evangelical Church
Memphis, Tennessee

$ 9.95