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Sites of Interest for the Writer

Christian Literature Today
A fascinating journal that reviews current books. Insightful!

Bedtime Favorites – Nursery Rhymes

Children’s Literature Web Guide

Children’s Writing Resource Center
Superb resource. An absolute must for the children’s writer.

Story Meta Collection
An elementary-to-young-adult story meta-collection (it lists a large number of other collections) that is pretty accessible.

Fiction Writer’s Resource Page
“The best advice you’ll ever hear: Keep writing. And believe in yourself. But as you already know, that doesn’t tell you how to write, so I’ve assembled a list of web articles and books that’ll do just that, help you understand the craft of fiction.” Site maintained by Todd James Pierce.

Japanese Haiku Poetry Resources

Online Literary Resources
Writer’s resources from the University of Pennsylvania

Readers’ and Writers’ Resource Page
A wide variety of resources for writers including journals and magazines, online bookstores, newspapers, dictionaries and references, quotation sources, libraries online, and much more.

Resources for Writers from A to Z from Yahoo!

Robin’s Nest
Nice group of linked resources on the web. Nicely categorized. Good articles for journalists.

Screenwriter’s Resources

Sensible Solutions for Getting Happily Published

Tips for Writers
This site is designed by Moira Anderson Allen, M.Ed. who has been in the writing business for over 18 years. As a freelancer, she is the author of three books and nearly 150 articles. This site helps both beginning and advanced writers. It will help you find information, tips, and resources to help you with your ongoing projects — and help you get published.

Writer’s Almanac
“The Writer’s Almanac” is a daily program of poetry and history hosted by Garrison Keillor. You can find poems and text related to each day’s almanac

Writer’s Resource Center
The Writer’s Resource Center was created in 1994 to serve the needs of writers on the Internet. This site started out as a single page with a few dozen links. Now there are a many pages, and thousands of links, along with articles, job opportunities and book reviews.

Writer’s Block
Suffering from writer’s block? Visit this site for tips and possibly professional help.

Writer’s Toolbox
Internet resources for writers including: Essentials, Reference, Fiction, Drama, Tech writing, Public relations, Journalism, Research, Business, and Software.

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Be Aware of the Market

Christian Bestsellers List

New York Times Bestsellers List (on website)

Publisher’s Weekly Bestsellers List

The Parable Group Bestsellers List (by week)

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Selling What You Write

American Christian Writers – led by Reg Forder, they provide nearly 30 writer’s conferences around the country each year and have an annual Writer’s Cruise in the Caribbean. Conferences are a great way to meet editors and network with fellow writers. Check their web site for a conference near you. They also publish the monthly Christian Communicator magazine and the Advanced Christian Writer newsletter.

CLASS Services – Christian Leaders, Authors & Speakers Services
Since 1981 CLASS has grown into a complete service agency for both the established and aspiring Christian speaker, author and publisher. CLASS is more than just a speakers bureau, more than just a training seminar and more than just a book and tape catalog. They are the only organization of its kind. Focusing on the Christian community, CLASS finds the raw talent, trains it, develops it, educates it and nurtures it, and when it is ready, launches it through our speakers service and publishing assistance.

They can really help the aspiring author learn how to present their material to their audience. They also have a great publicity service that can help you get your book on radio and TV.

The Christian Communicator Critique Service
The Christian Communicator Critique Service is a great way to have your manuscript looked at by industry professionals. Their prices are fair and their work is very good. Many manuscripts sent through this service are now published by major publishing companies. Managed by Susan Osborn this service is highly recommended.

Christian Writers Fellowship International – a multi-service ministry for Christians in publishing. For almost 25 years they have encouraged and equipped writers to minister to readers through writing of the highest biblical and professional standards. Publishes the Cross & Quill newsletter.

Sally Stuart’s Christian Writer’s Market Guide
Sally’s book is THE best resource for information about book and periodical publishers available. Included in the most recent issue are over 680 Periodical Markets – 86 New; over 280 Book Markets – 33 New; 110 Greeting Card/specialty markets; 121 Topical/Subject Listings for Periodicals; 109 Topical/Subject Listings for Books; Ethnic Book & Periodical Markets; Award-winning Publications Identified; 28 Christian Literary Agents; and Groups, Conferences, Editorial Services Nationwide.

Writer’s Information Network (WIN)
WIN was organized in 1983 in Seattle, Washington to: Provide a much needed link between writers and editors/publishers of the religious publishing industry. Further professional development in writing and marketing skills of Christian writers. Provide a meeting ground of encouragement and fellowship for persons engaged in writing and speaking.
They have a great newsletter (WIN-Informer) to which you should consider subscribing.

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Christian Resources

Alpha Omega Ministries
An extremely useful resource for materials in discussions with Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses. This is the site of James White, author of Is the Mormon My Brother?, Letters to a Mormon Elder, and The Forgotten Trinity.

Bible Gateway
The best way to search for that elusive Bible verse. Search any verse in the NIV, NASB, RSV, KJV, Young’s Literal, Worldwide English or Darby translations. It is as good as having Bible software loaded on your computer. (Below you can even search foreign language translations as well!)

Bible Study Tools from
Amazing! Free! All sorts of Bible study tools available on the web. Dictionaries, commentaries, topical bibles, you name it and it is free for you to use. For example: type the word “justification” into the space below, you will then be taken to the Bible Study Tools site and have access to dozens of great reference tools and translations based on that word. An tremendous tool for you! (Its only disadvantage is the lack of the NIV translation, use the Bible Gateway for that.)

Christian Answers Network
A tremendous apologetics resource. Find answers to all sorts of theological questions.

Christian White and Yellow Pages
Find that long lost friend or research a Christian business.
A service of Christianity Today, this site showcases all nine magazine in the CTI family as well as providing a search engine to over 3,000 Christian-related web site and over 2,000 Church web sites. A fantastic service to the body of Christ.

Christian Research Institute
A wealth of information on apologetic issues. Features archived articles from the Christian Research Journal. Definitely worth a look.

Christian Literature on the Internet
Find that public domain material on the web. Search for new writers and fresh ideas. – Another great site that groups all the best Christian related material into one huge search engine. The largest Christian search engine on the Internet.

Internet for Christian Newsletter
Must see and must subscribe (it’s free). Every month receive new information about the world of Christianity. This is an absolute necessity!

The Jesus Film – Watch the Jesus Film from Campus Crusade on your computer! You will need RealVideo software which is free on their site as well. Available in 50 different languages.

Matthew Henry’s Bible Commentary – Every word of the massive six volume commentary of Matthew Henry is available here for free!

The Net Bible – A brand new Bible translation designed to be distributed for free (within reason) on the Internet. A thoroughly evangelical translation, we highly recommend that you give this a hard look. Endorsed by Chuck Swindoll, Tony Evans, John Walvoord, Robert Gundry, Raymond Brown, Gene Getz, and Howard Hendricks.

Walter Martin’s Religious InfoNet– The place to find all the best of Walter Martin’s teaching. A large number of his tapes are available for listening via the Internet on streaming audio.

World Wide Study Bible – What an extraordinary resource! Every chapter in the Bible cross indexed with the Classic Christian literature from history. A lifetime of research and resources right at your fingertips. It is completely free, but if you want the entire library on a CD-ROM the cost is only $29.

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Grammar and Writing Technique

Grammar Now! – This is a free site dedicated to answering specific grammar, composition, research or formatting questions. Send a question by filling out the form below, and you will receive an e-mail response. If your composition question is simple, you may get an answer the same day, or within 24 hours. If it is a more complicated composition, formatting or research question, it may take longer. If the need is urgent, say so in the first line.

English Softwarea writing and proofreading solution which offers advanced text correction technology and instant quality feedback on your writing, along with the explanation and suggestion of better wording or sentence structuring alternatives.

Guide to Grammar and Writing – A fabulous resource site. Well organized. Answered a lot of my questions.

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Reference Books

Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations

British-American Dictionary– ever wonder about the British usage of an American phrase?

The Slot: a web site for copy editors
This web site evolved into the great book Lapsing into a Comma by Bill Walsh. However there are still some fascinating articles and insights into writing at this site. Highly recommended for the discussion it generates.

Elements of Style, by William Strunk, Jr.

Merriam Webster Dictionary online

Movie Cliches – A hilarious collection of assumptions about society that movies have inserted into our thinking. For instance: “Pastries are always in plain pink boxes. When we see a plain pink box, we expected to know that the box contains donuts or cake or some related item.”

One Look
Look in 165 Dictionaries at the same time! Believe it or not.

Roget’s Thesaurus online

Rhyming Dictionary: The Rhyme Zone

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Eight Steps to Writing a Great Speech

Frequently Asked Questions
An exhaustive list of information. Read and Learn! Site is maintained by Wendy Chatley Green.

On-line writing mini-course for the Novelist
Crawford Kilian discusses a range of issues for the novel writer.
An interesting site with various program offerings.

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How to Cite Your Internet Research – Found what you need? Now how do you write the bibliographic information for your footnote? Here is your answers for all types of Internet research including how to cite an e-mail from a friend.

Acronyms and Abbreviations – The worldwide web acronym and abbreviation server.

The Acronym Finder is a searchable database of more than 109,800 common abbreviations and acronyms about computers, technology, telecommunications, and the military, including Department of Defense, Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps, National Guard, and Coast Guard acronyms and abbreviations.– Find anyone who has a listed phone number. It will even give directions to their house! Yikes!

Avoiding Plagiarism – A fine article.

Convert Measurements – Convert yards into metric; Fahrenheit into Celsius; etc.

Currency Calculator – Convert money into the correct amount in another country.

Ecclesiastical Calendar – Need to know the date of Easter for a future or past year? Need to know the timing of the Church Holy Days? This is the resource for you. Discover the Holy Days for any year after 325 A.D.

Encyclopedia Britannica – Now available for free to all users. An absolutely tremendous resource of information.

Famous Birthdays – Find out who was born when. Great for trivia sidebars.

Federal Statistics
More than 70 agencies in the United States Federal Government produce statistics of interest to the public. The Federal Interagency Council on Statistical Policy maintains this site to provide easy access to the full range of statistics and information produced by these agencies for public use.

The Human-Languages Page
A comprehensive catalog of over 1000 language-related Internet resources including online language lessons, translating dictionaries, programs to aid you in learning a language, and more.

How Far is It? – Determine the distance between any two locations

Internet Hoaxes – The latest of those irritating hoaxes that get spread around the Internet via e-mail. Please read this page and do not be duped by the jokesters. Also visit Computer Virus Hoaxes and Myths.

Library of Congress

Lyrics World Index – This index contains links to all of the lyrics available at Lyrics World including all the songs found in “Top 40 Hits of 1930-1999”, “#1 Songs of 1930-1999”, “Top Singles by Decade” and “Artist Collections”. An amazing site. It is probably safe from US lawsuits because it is based in Brazil.
Other Sites also available:

Natural Disaster Reference Database – Earthquakes, Hurricanes, etc. This is an exhaustive resource.

ProfNet – ProfNet is a fabulous research opportunity. It is a collaboration of 6,000 public relations professionals linked by
Internet to give journalists and authors convenient access to expert sources.
Just submit your question (free of charge) to ProfNet and an expert will answer you with the only stipulation that
you give them credit as your source.

Project Gutenberg – The original and exhaustive site of public domain books that have been converted to digital form for you to search and read on the Internet. The list of available texts is extraordinary. Look for your favorites.

Quotation Center – 13,000 quotations searchable by key-word, topic, or author. Amazing.

Quotes You Can Use

Research-It! -currency converter, a language translator, dictionary, thesaurus, zip code retrieval, biography searcher, bible search, quotation search and package tracking plus a lot of other stuff you might need now and then.

Statistics Every Writer Should Know – Intriguing discussion of statistics and their meaning. Important if you are to become accurate in your research.

Today in History

White House Documents
Current releases, hot topics, and the latest Federal statistics.
A fabulous compendium of on-line dictionaries and thesauri of every imaginable description, including foreign language, acronyms, biographical, multilingual, and the ever-popular Pimbly’s Dictionary of Heraldry. If you can’t find it here, it’s probably not a word.