When we consider “temptation,” we are looking at a subject that affects every true Christian – every day! Therefore, when facing temptation, Christian soldiers need “basic training” regarding the identification and use of every weapon and resource available that will lead to victory in Jesus.

Believers will admit to giving in to temptation far too often, but many lack a biblical understanding of the subject and are unclear on how to sharpen their skills of resistance. Consequently, the enemy can and does successfully and continuously use the weapon of guilt against Christians due to repeated failure.

This book serves as a tool for the believer, providing practical steps – both proactive and reactive – for resisting the devil and his accomplices. It can also be studied in groups by using the discussion questions provided at the end of each chapter.

At last! Here is the guide you have been waiting for that will explain why and how you can be victorious when strong temptation arrives! May God be glorified and may you be strengthened as you apply the biblical truths on these pages!


Rick Astle is a Bible Teacher, Conference Leader and Author whose ministry is focused on preparing the Church for spiritual awakening. His first book, The Priority of Kingdom-focused Prayer, is in its sixth printing and has taught thousands of believers and numerous churches to center their prayers on the kingdom of God. You can invite Rick to come to your church and lead a conference on a variety of topics listed on his website: RickAstle.com