An Exegesis of the Revelation

What does the future hold for us? Will Christians be here for the Great Tribulation? What are all those symbols in the book of Revelation? These questions and others are addressed in this verse by verse study of the prophetic account witnessed by John and recorded in the last book in the Bible.

Included in this book is also an overview of the prophecies in Daniel as well as a detailed description of how numbers are viewed in Scripture.

This is a combined study you will not want to miss!

Out of print

Dr. Bill Oakley pastored Southern Baptist Churches for over 45 years before God called him into the ministry of Church Revival in 1995. All through the years as a pastor, the Lord gifted him in the area of church and personal revival in order to prepare him for this ministry. Oakley’s commitment for the rest of his life is to carry the message of revival to churches.