“Should I go back home to Chicago, or spend the rest of the summer in Oklahoma with the guy of my dreams? It seemed like a no-brainer. How could I know the surprise, heartbreak, and love I would experience as a result of the decision I would make in the next few days?”

After living through a horrible ordeal in Chicago and finding new life on the windswept plains of Oklahoma, sixteen year old Lexi Turney has a decision to make. The whispering in her heart tells her to return home and rebuild her relationship with her mom. But how can she? They were never close, and after hearing her mom criticize her beloved late father, Lexi is even less interested in reconciliation. Will Lexi overcome her old habits and live out her new faith? Above all, how will Lexi deal with the shock of learning about her father’s unbelievable secret? Come along on the amazing and encouraging journey of Lexi’s first year as a Christian.

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