‘The story I am about to share with you begins on the night my best friend was kidnapped right before my eyes. It was a dark and horrible time in my life, and it was about to get even worse.’

Lexi Turney lived an idyllic life in the suburbs of Chicago. She was a star on her high school basketball team and a good student, and her dad was her biggest cheerleader. Then one day her life is turned upside down when he dies in a tragic accident. Lexi becomes bitter and angry and begins to lash out, staying out all hours of the night, partying with her friends, drinking, and hanging around the wrong kind of boys.

One night, she and her friends go out for a joyride and meet up with some boys who take them to Chicago for a party. When it turns out that the boys slipped something into their drinks, Lexi is lucky to escape. Her best friend and former teammate, Sarah, isn’t so lucky.

Concerned for her daughter, Lexi’s mom puts her on a Greyhound bus headed to the windswept plains of Oklahoma to live with her aunt and uncle. Will the change of scenery, new friends, and new school help? Will Sarah ever be found? What will Lexi find out about herself? And can a piece of bubble wrap really change her life? Join first-time author Jeff Kelly and find out in Winds of Change.

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