A Word for Pastors from Dr. Frizzell

As a long time pastor, missionary and conference leader, I well know the challenges of leading today’s churches into true spiritual awakening. Yet in Christ, there is hope and all things are possible! In certain parts of the world, the Lord is moving mightily. By following three timeless biblical principles, church really can experience powerful renewal and growth. As a process of returning to God, we recommend a three part churchwide book journey.

First, prayerfully consider having church members from high school up to read and pray through the book, How to Develop a Powerful Prayer Life. In today’s world, many believers have unintentionally settled for personal prayer times that stop short of fullest closeness and power in Jesus. Without being complicated or overwhelming, this Scripture filled book takes believers to a biblical level of intimacy and spiritual power. Churches can easily do it in either a five or nine week reading schedule. Reading two chapters a week takes five weeks and one chapter per week takes nine. (The chapters are fairly short and have practical application guides.) Renewal and returning to God require a strong personal prayer life. The book helps to make it a reality.

Second, after reading the prayer life book, ask the congregation to pray through Return to Me Says the Lord. It is helpful to allow one week for reading the Introduction and then three weeks for the twenty-one day devotional prayer schedule. This book is about full heart surrender for renewed closeness and power in Christ. But beyond heart cleansing and renewal, the book concludes with practical covenants for living in our daily obedience. In these concise covenants, believers are equipped for powerful daily prayer times, full surrender, evangelistic prayer and spiritual awakening. No repentance is complete without a commitment to ongoing daily surrender and Spirit-empowered obedience. This resource helps both become a reality. Pastors also have the option of following Return to Me with a churchwide solemn assembly. That can strengthen believers’ commitment to return to Christ’s Lordship. The book, How to Conduct a Solemn Assembly is a guide for leaders.

Third, I recommend that churches ask parents to read through the book, Powerful Prayer for Every Family. In this tool, couples and/or single parents learn to experience powerful (yet simple) pattern of marriage and family prayer. Parents learn to pray effective biblical prayers that both protect and transform their loved ones. In a day of intense spiritual warfare, it has never been more crucial for parents to know how to pray in ways that demolishes spiritual strongholds. In Powerful Prayer for Every Family, believers learn biblical ways to pray victoriously. Renewal and returning to God require effective prayer in families. This tool makes it possible for everyone.

By Greg Frizzell

How to Develop a Powerful Prayer Life

The Biblical Path to Holiness and Relationship with God

You can become a powerful intercessor! Today there are rising signs that God is calling His people back to Himself through prayer and repentance. Yet, most of God’s children still feel intimidated about their prayer life. Indeed, many confess that prayer is the weakest area of their lives. God wants us to change that!

God wants His children to experience prayer as a dynamic “relationship with Him,” not just a ritual. In How to Develop a Powerful Prayer Life, you will discover all the elements of powerful prayer and a dynamic walk with God. Most of all, you will experience prayer as the heart of your relationship with Jesus Christ. God longs to revolutionize your prayer life and your walk with Him. Don’t settle for anything less than His best!

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By Greg Frizzell

Return to Me Says the Lord

A Journey of First Love Surrender

After forty years of emphases on “prayer and repentance,” we are forced to face a most sobering reality. There is far more talk and activities about revival than genuinely experiencing God in it. In spite of voluminous programs and strategies, baptism ratios and morality have never been lower. The preeminent question is why? In Return to Me, readers discover the vast difference in merely “saying” prayers of surface confession and full loving surrender to Christ’s Lordship.

Drawn directly from Zechariah 1:3, Return to Me is an experiential journey to renewed power in God’s grace and Spirit. In this tool, believers discover how to fully surrender and experience the daily grace of spiritual fullness. But far more than a temporary program, this journey is a lasting covenant of first love passion for God. Believers learn to embrace the essential steps of lasting obedience and closeness with Christ. For those who truly surrender, the result is revival and empowered evangelism. For God’s glory, we must settle for nothing less. (Isaiah 43:7; John 15:8)

By Greg Frizzell

How to Conduct a Solemn Assembly

A Biblical Guide for Leaders

A solemn assembly is a God-ordained time of deep spiritual cleansing, repentance and restored first love. (Joel 2:12-18) Yet today, it is all too possible to attempt solemn assemblies that are shallow and over-programmed. When this occurs, churches experience a subtle form of “spiritual inoculation.” In essence, we can receive a weakened version that actually keeps us from the genuine return to God. It is also possible to conduct solemn assemblies in ways that are so brief and programmed, that the Holy Spirit has little freedom to guide believers into life-changing repentance. In this book, leaders receive effective guidance for experiencing a church-changing, Spirit-guiding encounter with God.

By Greg Frizzell

Powerful Prayer for Every Family

Prayers that Protect and Transform

In a day of unprecedented attack on marriages and children, it has never been more crucial for families to experience God’s close presence. Yet today, busy families seem to flounder when it comes to the most crucial foundation — powerful prayer! Thank God, our Lord has provided a powerful remedy for even the busiest families. There is good news in the fact any family can learn to experience prayers that truly transform and protect. In Powerful Prayer for Every Family, readers will discover the essential missing keys. (Matthew 6:6-13)

Praying a Hedge of Protection

While studies show most families pray in ways that are far too general and vague, more and more are learning to pray with power! They are learning it really does matter what and how they pray. Believers are also discovering how to pray an effective “hedge of protection” around their loved ones. Perhaps best of all, families are learning that powerful prayer patterns are not complicated, impractical or out of reach.

In Powerful Prayer for Every Family, all believers will discover the awesome power of spiritual cleansing. Readers will also experience the powerful dynamic of a “united prayer blitz.” Once families understand the principles of spiritual cleansing and united agreement, they experience God’s presence as never before. Best of all, God’s grace makes victory possible for every marriage, single parent and family. Now every family can experience the God’s awesome presence and power!