Identity – by Dr Blake Gideon
All Books , Featured Items , Gideon / May 1, 2017

Identity – Living Your Life with Influential Purpose I believe the first step for any Christian is to know who they are in Christ. If this first step is missed or perhaps later forgotten, it can lead to a life of continual frustration, disappointment, and even depression. Every human being on the face of the earth has an established identity – and that means you. I am not talking about your name, social security number, or even your fingerprint; I’m talking about the way you see yourself and the words you speak to yourself. Because of the sin of mankind, we as humans tend to compare ourselves to others and speak self-defeating words in our mind. But I have great news for you: your internal negative dialogue can change! And this is what this book is all about.   $ 7.99 as ebook $ 9.99 as printed book (shipping additional) BLAKE GIDEON serves as senior pastor for First Baptist Church in Edmond, Oklahoma. He is passionate about the gospel and finds his greatest joy in seeing the lost become saved and for the saved to live out their new identity in Christ. Blake is married to his best friend, Kelly, and they…

Together in Ministry – by Dr. Ted Kersh
All Books , Featured Items , Kersh / January 30, 2017

A book for every every pastor, deacon, and church family who desires to see the ministry of the church strengthened and made more effective. Together in Ministry: • will allow every pastor to see clearly their primary responsibility as they shepherd the church; • will allow every deacon to understand their call to serve the church and assist the pastor in ministry; • will allow the wives to understand the vital part they fulfill in ministry; and • will allow ever church to see the benefit of the pastor and deacons involved in ministry together. Pastor Andy Taylor writes, “I have had Ted do Pastor-Deacon training three times in two churches. I can tell you what you will read in this book has the potential to change the church you serve. I has changed us. It has changed me.”   $ 7.99 TED KERSH lives to help Christians and pastors build their lives on the solid teaching of the Bible. His verse by verse approach will help you practically understand the Word of God. A Luther Rice Seminary graduate, he received the 1997 Eagle Award for Excellence in Ministry. Learn more at

Forty Days of Seeking God Revised – by Dr Greg Frizzell
All Books , Featured Items , Frizzell / July 1, 2016

Forty Days of Seeking God: For Revival, Elections and Key Leaders Revised Study Edition After decades of “calls to prayer and repentance,” one question stands preeminent. “Why has the moral and spiritual collapse continued mostly unabated?” In this new expanded version of Forty Days of Seeking God, believers discover the difference in merely saying general prayers and praying “effective, fervent prayers from utterly yielded hearts.” (James 5:16) Saints learn to move from merely saying we repent generally, to fully yielding to Christ in loving specific surrender. The tool is perfect for churches, small groups, denominations, seminaries, schools and individuals who want to seek God’s guidance for our nation and revival in the land. In the forty day format, individuals, small groups and whole churches experience fervent prayer and deep spiritual revival. With signs of judgment rising rapidly and a most pivotal election ahead, it is time for forty days of deepest prayer and repentance not just the same level of prayer as the past fifty years. Now is the time for more than just another prayer event! We must embrace a genuine return to God through fervent prayer and deepest repentance, not a reliance on politics. In Forty Days of…

Wake Up – by Terry Gooding
All Books , Featured Items , Gooding / October 9, 2015

Apocalyptic signs are everywhere. The birth pangs are passing and true labor is upon us. We have all witnessed the simultaneous drastic decline of no less than 10 major world currencies, a dramatic rise in earthquakes and bizarre weather, famine and starvation on an unprecedented scale, and the global fears of ebola. Yet most American Christians have been lulled into an apathetic sleep that has dulled their ears to the coming hoof beats and blinded their eyes to the unfolding of centuries old prophecies. They say, “It is the same as it has always been.” (2 Peter 3:4) To these very believers, the Holy Spirit says, “Wake up! The critical hour is just seconds away. Don’t be as the unprepared virgins” (Matthew 25:1-12). Jesus advises us to anoint our eyes so that we may see (Revelation 3:18). This book seeks to be a wake up call for all believers in Christ who desire to prepare themselves for the coming days. The time is now. The message is urgent. Don’t miss the trumpet sound. $ 7.99 TERRY GOODING, her husband, and family live in Texas. There she has served in prayer ministry for 28 years. She describes her life from Psalm…

The Walk – by Dr. Ted Kersh
All Books , Featured Items , Kersh / August 9, 2015

The Walk – Removing the Struggles Along the Way A book for every Christ-follower, every small group, every church, and every pastor, who truly desires a life saturated in love. The Walk is a map to help relieve the struggles of the Christian journey. It will guide you to an understanding of love that can: • radically renew your life; • take a dysfunctional church and give it an entirely new personality; • redesign a family; • allow you to become a Christ-follower who really does affect the world in which you live. “Is love a challenge? Yes, it is. But once we understand what love is and how it is possible for us to live our lives immersed in love, we will experience victory as never before.” Dr. Gregory Frizzell writes, “In a way that is perfect for small groups or church-wide studies, Dr. Kersh guides readers on a verse-by-verse discovery of why godly love is so critical. He shows how all of our labors and strengths (without love) are useless to God and others. In life-related detail, believers gain understanding of what live is an dhow it acts.”   $ 7.99 TED KERSH lives to help Christians and pastors…

In His Loving Hands – by Jan Brunette
All Books , Brunette , Featured Items / January 23, 2015

In His Loving Hands – A Christian Guide for Caregivers Did you know that many caregivers die of serious illnesses before the loved ones they are caring for? It is true! While there is no given proof, it is believed that the stress of caregiving may contribute to the cause. That stress is not only from the minute-by-minute responsibilities and physical demands placed on them, but also the burden of their own daily needs, their doubts, and the despair they encounter in the decision-making processes. This book reveals the gamut of emotions and spiritual struggles a caregiver often trudges through when dealing with an individual who has dementia. It is intended as a guide and encouragement to the families and loved ones who walk the dark valley of dementia on a daily basis. May they realize how Christ’s love is played out step-by-step and understand that the emotions, the tears, and the heartbreak can lead to God’s peace and goodness in the midst of the struggles. This book is not intended to be just a one-time read but a book they can refer to often as they go through the various phases of the caregiving process. I pray that you,…