Stories I Heard in West Africa – by Dave Naff
All Books , Education , Naff / August 4, 2005

Stories I Heard in West Africa Stories I Heard in West Africa are traditional African short stories. They were originally told orally. They have been gathered together and illustrated by David A Naff, an SIM missionary. Each story includes Scriptures that relates to the moral teachings in the story. The human backgrounds (villages and human activities) in the illustrations are generally accurate and typical of West Africa. Each story has a black and white sketch. Permission has been given to copy and hand out the sketches as reminders of the story. The illustrations fall under a folk art category. These are African stories and there is no mention of western ways or culture. Available here. Author and Missionary Dave A. Naff, along with his wife Mary, served more than 35 years in Liberia. These fables have been handed down for centuries from one storyteller to another. Additional stories are currently being developed. Current stories: Goat Tries to be Leopard – The story shows the danger of pretending to be what you aren’t. It also points out that we need to be born again as Christians. Each of the twelve written pages has a colored picture on the opposite page. The…

Understanding Science While Believing the Bible – by Dr Carolyn Reeves
All Books , Education , Reeves / August 4, 2004

Understanding Science While Believing the Bible This book is written primarily for Christians who may have difficulty understanding the ways of science and scientists. In particular, it is for students being taught about evolution, who wonder if they have to choose between believing the Bible or believing science. Acquiring a basic understanding of what science is and how it works is the first step in dealing with scientific studies of origins. Knowing the “rules of the game” enable students to evaluate claims made by both creation scientists and evolutionary scientists — to judge for themselves whether the evidence for a theory is strong, weak, or impossible. This book includes brief non-technical discussions of some of the more powerful scientific challenges to evolution. It also presents some of the arguments that living things show evidence of Intelligent Design. This discussion is not intended to be a point-by-point debate. Rather, it presents an overview of main ideas in an understandable manner. $ 9.95 After thirty years as a public school science teacher, Carolyn T. Reeves retired and completed her Ed.D. degree from the University of Mississippi. Throughout her teaching career, Carolyn developed unit studies that integrated science with historical stories and events,…

The Pout Tree – Donna Weatherford
All Books , Education , Weatherford / August 4, 2003

The Pout Tree Children pout and complain for many different reasons. Perhaps they will be upset because an older brother or sister has the privilege of a later bed time. The older child may complain because of the additional responsibilities he or she is given just because they are older. Children sometimes compare their abilities and talents. This book can be used to remind children (and adults) that everyone has been created with different talents and abilities. Everyone has something special to give to their world! Let your child join the Pout Tree on a journey through every season as he discovers something very valuable. You’ll meet Wise Mother Bird, Maggie Magnolia, and Piney Pine Tree. Read and find out if they are able to help the Pout Tree get to the root of his problem. Published by Macbeth Publishers, an imprint of Master Design $ 9.95/$8.95/$7.50 1-9/10-49/50+ This book is out of print. Donna Weatherford enjoys sharing her stories with children by using books, puppets, and active participation. She does workshops for teachers, puppet shows for preschoolers, and birthday parties. Her daughter Holly helps her with the many characters she presents. Donna lives in Atoka, TN with her husband…

As the Waters Cover the Sea – by Judy Finley
All Books , Education , Finley / August 4, 2000

As The Waters Cover The Sea Travel with Caitlyn and Eryn from their home to the seashore and learn about God’s creation! Walk with them as they discover the awesomeness of God’s separation of the water and dry land. This children’s book encourages belief in the Scriptures as truth for all generations. $ 6.00 + $ 4 shipping Judy Finley serves as author, speaker, and administrator for Prayer Resources. She has studied with her husband throughout his education. Her experience as a pastor’s wife and as a group leader in Bible Study Fellowship for 10 years has equipped her in the field of counseling women and speaking at women’s conferences.