Winds of Change – by Jeff Kelly
All Books , Kelly / October 28, 2010

‘The story I am about to share with you begins on the night my best friend was kidnapped right before my eyes. It was a dark and horrible time in my life, and it was about to get even worse.’ Lexi Turney lived an idyllic life in the suburbs of Chicago. She was a star on her high school basketball team and a good student, and her dad was her biggest cheerleader. Then one day her life is turned upside down when he dies in a tragic accident. Lexi becomes bitter and angry and begins to lash out, staying out all hours of the night, partying with her friends, drinking, and hanging around the wrong kind of boys. One night, she and her friends go out for a joyride and meet up with some boys who take them to Chicago for a party. When it turns out that the boys slipped something into their drinks, Lexi is lucky to escape. Her best friend and former teammate, Sarah, isn’t so lucky. Concerned for her daughter, Lexi’s mom puts her on a Greyhound bus headed to the windswept plains of Oklahoma to live with her aunt and uncle. Will the change of…

The Practical ABC’s of Prayer – by Phyllis Elliott Elvington
All Books , Elvington / August 4, 2010

The Practical ABC’s of Prayer – Praying to your Heavenly Father about absolutely everything! Paul urges us in Ephesians 6:18a to “pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests.” The Practical ABC’s of Prayer…Praying to your Heavenly Father about absolutely everything! shares simple ways to begin your day, to cover your day, and to end your day with prayer by using a variety of prayer patterns, prayer lists, and prayer challenges. $ 6.95/$ 1-9/10-49/50+PHYLLIS ELLIOTT ELVINGTON has probably been in your shoes at one point in time or another: child of the heavenly Father, daughter, sister, church member, friend, Bible teacher, wife, college student, speaker, full-time employee, stay-at-home mom, writer, widow, parttime employee, second marriage, and coach. Phyllis and her husband Charles live in Green Sea, South Carolina. Together they have three sons — Matthew, John Mark, and Webb.

31 Lessons I Learned From My Dog – by Raylene King
All Books , King / August 4, 2009

31 Lessons I Learned From My Dog Raylene King’s first book is such an exciting experience for both author and publisher. Front Porch Resources is happy to present her first endevour into the writing world. Below is Raylene’s personal story of how her book, 31 Lessons I Learned From My Dog, was born.It’s not that my husband and I had anything against dogs, really, our lifestyle just did not seem to support having a dog. Like most people, our days and even our evenings seem to become more jam-packed each week. I don’t know if you are aware of this fact, but dogs are a lot of work: the walking in all kinds of weather, the training, the grooming, plus the fact that everything has to be on a fairly tight schedule with not much room for error. Seeing to all these needs can be very time consuming; it is a never-ending, daily routine of love and effort. I guess we were rather spoiled after having a cat for the last several years. Now granted, cats are moody and dogs are always ready with affection, but cats are also very low maintenance. Just some food, water, litter box, and they’ll…

The Practical ABC’s of Home Missions – by Phyllis Elliott Elvington
All Books , Elvington / August 4, 2009

The Practical ABC’s of Home Missions – Sharing Jesus’ love in your circle of influence! Jesus said in Matthew 25:40, “The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.’” The Practical ABC’s of Home Missions… Sharing Jesus’ love in your circle of influence! shows how easy it is to be involved in missions right where you live by sharing the love of Jesus in practical, everyday ways with those around you who are in need. $ 6.95 PHYLLIS ELLIOTT ELVINGTON has probably been in your shoes at one point in time or another: child of the heavenly Father, daughter, sister, church member, friend, Bible teacher, wife, college student, speaker, full-time employee, stay-at-home mom, writer, widow, parttime employee, second marriage, and coach. Phyllis and her husband Charles live in Green Sea, South Carolina. Together they have three sons — Matthew, John Mark, and Webb.

The Practical ABC’s of Reducing Stress – by Phyllis Elliott Elvington
All Books , Elvington / August 4, 2009

The Practical ABC’s of Reducing Stress – Living your life with less worry and more joy! Jesus said in John 15:11, “These things I have spoken to you, that My joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full.” The Practical ABC’s of Reducing Stress…Living your life with less worry and more joy! shares everyday truths, based on God’s Word, to help make living in this fast-paced world a little less stressful and filled with more joy. $ 6.95 PHYLLIS ELLIOTT ELVINGTON has probably been in your shoes at one point in time or another: child of the heavenly Father, daughter, sister, church member, friend, Bible teacher, wife, college student, speaker, full-time employee, stay-at-home mom, writer, widow, part-time employee, second marriage, and coach. Phyllis and her husband Charles live in Green Sea, South Carolina. Together they have three sons — Matthew, John Mark, and Webb.

How the Spirit Filled My Life – by Bertha Smith
All Books , Smith / August 4, 2008

How the Spirit Filled My Life The secret of Bertha Smith’s courage and effectiveness throughout a century-long life is that she learned how to die to self…This is the key to spiritual victory, to personal revival, and to effectiveness in ministry. Bertha Smith lived her life with spiritual courage and holy boldness because, like the apostle Paul, she knew that “to live is Christ, and to die is gain” (Phil. 1:21). ~ Michal Ann Goll, Author, Women on the Frontlines Testimony and advice forms the content of How the Spirit Filled My Life. In story after story, Miss Bertha tells of persons who have discovered the joy of the Spirit-filled life. She also points out the traps that plague the Christian and offers suggestions for continuing to walk in the Spirit successfully. If you are hungering to walk a Spirit-filled life, this book will encourage you, guide you, and mentor you on your journey. $ 6.95 Born before 1888, Bertha Smith went to China as a missionary with the Southern Baptist Convention’s Foreign Mission Board in 1917. After being interned by the Japanese in 1941, Miss Bertha continued her work in China until 1948 when Communism forced her out. She…

Recapturing the Biblical Epic of Prayer – by Dr Rob Finley
All Books , Finley / August 4, 2008

Recapturing the Biblical Epic of Prayer This sweeping historical look traces prayer throughout the lives of the patriarchs, the judges, the kings, the prophets, Christ, and the apostles. $ 10.95 (includes shipping) As president, author, and primary speaker for Prayer Resources, Dr Rob Finley has conducted meetings in over 700 churches. His educational training includes degrees from Rhodes College, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Luther Rice Seminary. His ministerial experience of pastoring Southern Baptist churches for 10 years and teaching Bible in Christian schools for seven years has provided a thorough command of Scripture capably communicated in both pulpit and teaching forums. He has authored the encompassing manual on prayer entitled Recapturing Biblical Intercession and a six week preparation guide entitled Meditations for Revival, based on the 42 parables of Jesus. He has also written articles for several Christian periodicals.

Iceberg Dead Ahead – by Dr Greg Frizzell
All Books , Frizzell / October 15, 2007

Iceberg Dead Ahead! “Recognizing Our “Day of Visitation” Before It’s Too Late” When we look at America and most churches, we are forced to one biblical conclusion — we are already under some measure of judgment and it is quickly worsening! By many indications, there really is an “iceberg dead ahead.” The iceberg is sin’s cumulative consequences and God’s righteous judgment. But what happened and how did we get to such an extreme spiritual crisis? With churches on every corner, strategies running out our ears, a thirty-year prayer movement and innovative methods galore, how could this possibly have happened? Make no mistake — God does have an answer and we can return to revival closeness with Himself! It begins with deeper brokenness, prayer, and repentance. In Iceberg Dead Ahead, readers are brought to deep brokenness over present and future conditions. Yet even more, believers discover “why” we are weak and “how” God restores His people! They rediscover the crucial missing relational foundations and essential priorities of revived believers and churches. In this tool, Christians learn to truly abide in Christ’s fullness and power. (Acts 1:8 and John 15:4-8) Make no mistake — it is intimacy, surrender, fullness and power in…

Holiness – by Dr Rowland Myburgh
All Books , Myburgh / August 4, 2007

Holiness – Right Living in Post Modern Society This excellent book examines holiness in a clear and comprehensive way. The theological, yet practical content makes it an important read for followers of Christ. No doubt will be left as how we ought to live for God. Apathy of walk is strongly confronted by sound and good Biblical exegesis. $ 6.95 The Late DR. ROWLAND MYBURGH pastored Table View Baptist Church, Cape Town, South Africa and had been the President of the Baptist Union of Southern Africa as well as the National Ministries Director of Youth For Christ South Africa. He was the Co-Director of Hands On Africa (HOA) and Principal of the Bible Schools. This ministry has, through the Lord, established Bible Schools and Seminaries (Kenya and Malawi), Orphanages (Kenya and Malawi) and Medical Clinics in Migori, Kenya and Namwera, Malawi. HOA’s activities have had a sustained impact upon the region and surrounding countries. He was married with two sons.

Other Titles We’ve Published
All Books , Others / August 4, 2007

Rick Astle The Priority of Kingdom-Focused Prayer Overcoming Temptation Dayle Burkhart Helping Internationals Succeed Dr W Harold Fuller Maxwell’s Passion and Power Brad Gregory As the Twilight Fades The Late Dr Pauline Jones Hord Praying for the President The Late Dr R Brad Jones Moving from Vision to Victory Judy Knox Fishing with the Master – 120 Poetic Devotionals Dr John Langston III God – There Is No Other! Jan Lichterman Still Hearts – Seeking God in Quiet Times Fran Miller Gaze at God, Glance at all else The Late Dr Stephen F Olford Going Places with God

Stories I Heard in West Africa – by Dave Naff
All Books , Education , Naff / August 4, 2005

Stories I Heard in West Africa Stories I Heard in West Africa are traditional African short stories. They were originally told orally. They have been gathered together and illustrated by David A Naff, an SIM missionary. Each story includes Scriptures that relates to the moral teachings in the story. The human backgrounds (villages and human activities) in the illustrations are generally accurate and typical of West Africa. Each story has a black and white sketch. Permission has been given to copy and hand out the sketches as reminders of the story. The illustrations fall under a folk art category. These are African stories and there is no mention of western ways or culture. Available here. Author and Missionary Dave A. Naff, along with his wife Mary, served more than 35 years in Liberia. These fables have been handed down for centuries from one storyteller to another. Additional stories are currently being developed. Current stories: Goat Tries to be Leopard – The story shows the danger of pretending to be what you aren’t. It also points out that we need to be born again as Christians. Each of the twelve written pages has a colored picture on the opposite page. The…

Mamane’s Journey – by Sue Eckert
All Books , Eckert / August 4, 2005

Mamane’s Journey – An African Muslim Youth Learns of Christ When all was quiet, she locked the front door, picked up a stout stick, and woke Mamane. With a steely, even voice, she said, “One of three things is going to happen tonight. Either I’ll kill you and have to go to prison on account of you, or I’ll leave home for good to avoid shame from my friends, or you’ll stop being a Christian and we’ll live in peace again!” She held the stick above her head and prepared to swing. Torn between his desire to please his family and his belief in Christ, a Fulani youth has to make a choice. Does he understand the impact it will have on his relationships, his community, his future? Will he be able to hold on while others try to make him let go? The story of Mamane is really a story about the love and power of God. It is about what can happen when people begin to hear the good news of Jesus Christ and respond to it by faith. Based on a true story, Mamane’s Journey gives a first-hand perspective on the value of Christian missions today. Pencil…

I Belong Here – by Dr JoeAnn Ballard
All Books , Ballard / August 4, 2005

I Belong Here I Belong Here is a story about the difference a faithful family can make in the world. God more often than not uses ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things for His work. That’s what this book is about and should enourage us all! God can change the world through you! Larry Lloyd, President Crichton College Memphis, Tennessee Whether you are seeking God’s will as a new believer or as well seasoned in your faith and purpose for your life, you will find Dr. Ballard’s book, I Belong Here, inspiring, encouraging and an excellent source for guidance in your personal and community ministries. Daisy Cobbins, Coordinator/Lead Teacher Welfare to Work Program Jackson, Mississippi If you long for your life to become more courageous, helpful, balanced, and equipped for using your talents, time, and money for the well being of societal life, this is the book for you! Eugene K. Cashman, Jr. The Urban Child Institute JoeAnn’s book is a fun and fascinating read. Dr. James R. Young III, Senior Pastor Grace Evangelical Church Memphis, Tennessee $ 9.95

Seeking God to Seek a Pastor – by Dr Greg Frizzell
All Books , Frizzell / August 4, 2005

Seeking God to Seek a Pastor Revised Edition “Turning Pastor Search into Churchwide Renewal!” For churches in the midst of pastor search, I have great news! When the pastor leaves, Jesus doesn’t–. How glorious to realize the interim can actually become a powerful time of growth and transformation. Unfortunately for most churches that is definitely not what transpires. Seeking God To Seek A Pastor helps interim churches refocus on Jesus as the true Head of the Church. This process helps congregations experience the dynamic prayer, deep renewal, and relational healing that prepares them for a powerful new beginning. Especially in our day of confusion, it is critical to help churches discern their most strategic needs and clearly hear God’s voice in their critical decisions. In this tool, committees and churches experience three crucial elements now missing from most search procedures. First, the search committee and church body embrace a powerful process of increased prayer, cleansing, and unity. Second, the church is helped to identify its primary barriers to true revival and kingdom-growth. Third, committees learn how to draw near to God and clearly hear His voice for the right pastor. Dear saints, with over seventy percent of churches either plateaued…

Understanding Science While Believing the Bible – by Dr Carolyn Reeves
All Books , Education , Reeves / August 4, 2004

Understanding Science While Believing the Bible This book is written primarily for Christians who may have difficulty understanding the ways of science and scientists. In particular, it is for students being taught about evolution, who wonder if they have to choose between believing the Bible or believing science. Acquiring a basic understanding of what science is and how it works is the first step in dealing with scientific studies of origins. Knowing the “rules of the game” enable students to evaluate claims made by both creation scientists and evolutionary scientists — to judge for themselves whether the evidence for a theory is strong, weak, or impossible. This book includes brief non-technical discussions of some of the more powerful scientific challenges to evolution. It also presents some of the arguments that living things show evidence of Intelligent Design. This discussion is not intended to be a point-by-point debate. Rather, it presents an overview of main ideas in an understandable manner. $ 9.95 After thirty years as a public school science teacher, Carolyn T. Reeves retired and completed her Ed.D. degree from the University of Mississippi. Throughout her teaching career, Carolyn developed unit studies that integrated science with historical stories and events,…

Channel of Blessing – by Bobby Mullins
All Books , Mullins / August 4, 2004

Channel of Blessing This book will take you through a spiritual journey to identify and apply your spiritual gift. Packed with valuable information, a worksheet to help you pinpoint your gift, and useful aides for pastors/teachers covering this material, Channel of Blessing will allow you to be a blessing to others through the use of your gift. Physical book $ 10.99 Ebook $ 5.95 Bobby Mullins was senior pastor of Central Baptist Church in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, from August, 2002 through October, 2008. He was pastor of Cherokee Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee, from 1994 until moving to Oak Ridge. Prior to Cherokee, he pastored Dixie Lee Baptist Church in Lenoir City, Tennessee. He graduated from the University of Tennessee in 1974 with a B.S. in Education. He received the Master of Divinity (1990) and Doctor of Ministry (1999) degrees from Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary. From 1980-1991, Dr. Mullins served five churches as an associate minister before accepting his first pastorate in April, 1991. He is married to the former Wanda Hazlewood. They have three children: Brandon, Melody and Mallory. Brother Bobby is available for preaching and speaking opportunities. Contact info is available through his web site,

They That Sow In Tears – by Lewis & Sandifer
All Books , Lewis , Sandifer / August 4, 2004

They That Sow In Tears – Coping with Grief through Gardening They That Sow In Tears reaches out to grieving readers and encourages them to join the large company of people who have discovered the solace of gardening. Landscape Architect Charles Sandifer and writer Catherine Lewis use the stories of other “grief gardeners” and their own experiences as bereaved parents to offer practical advice that helps the novice or experienced gardener establish a beautiful, meaningful place where “They that sow in tears shall reap with joy.” $ 18.00 Catherine Lewis is an experienced gardener and garden columnist for Best Times, a monthly newsmagazine for active, mature Mid-Southerners. Charles Sandifer is a member of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) and has served as president of the Tennessee State Board of Examiners in Landscape Architecture.

De regreso a la santidad (Returning to Holiness – Spanish) – by Dr Greg Frizzell
All Books , Frizzell / August 4, 2004

De regreso a la santidad (Returning to Holiness – Spanish) Santidad y arrepentimiento Cómo recuperar la clave olvidada del despertamiento arrasador ¡Qué asombroso leer de los grandes despertamientos espirituales pasados, en los que números que alcanzaron al diez por ciento de la población nacional entera fueron salvados en menos de un año! ¿Cómo se vería esta clase de despertamiento espiritual enviado por Dios en nuestro país hoy? En esencia, veríamos en los Estados Unidos como treinta millones de personas convertidas y uniéndose a nuestras iglesias en unos pocos meses. En un despertamiento verdadero las conversiones se caracterizarían por un arrepentimiento genuino, con grandes porcentajes todavía activos muchos años después. El número de bautismos de la mayoría de denominaciones evangélicas crecería en forma explosiva al cuatrocientos o quinientos por ciento, o incluso más. Las tasas de crímenes se reducirían, y la moralidad de la sociedad mejoraría dramáticamente. En breve, ¡los Estados Unidos serían un lugar totalmente diferente! La pregunta candente es: “¿Cómo podemos ver otro gran despertamiento espiritual?” Ciertamente la oración es esencial y se necesita la evangelización. Sin embargo, de acuerdo a la palabra de Dios, la oración y la evangelización deben ir combinadas con un profundo retorno a la…

The Pout Tree – Donna Weatherford
All Books , Education , Weatherford / August 4, 2003

The Pout Tree Children pout and complain for many different reasons. Perhaps they will be upset because an older brother or sister has the privilege of a later bed time. The older child may complain because of the additional responsibilities he or she is given just because they are older. Children sometimes compare their abilities and talents. This book can be used to remind children (and adults) that everyone has been created with different talents and abilities. Everyone has something special to give to their world! Let your child join the Pout Tree on a journey through every season as he discovers something very valuable. You’ll meet Wise Mother Bird, Maggie Magnolia, and Piney Pine Tree. Read and find out if they are able to help the Pout Tree get to the root of his problem. Published by Macbeth Publishers, an imprint of Master Design $ 9.95/$8.95/$7.50 1-9/10-49/50+ This book is out of print. Donna Weatherford enjoys sharing her stories with children by using books, puppets, and active participation. She does workshops for teachers, puppet shows for preschoolers, and birthday parties. Her daughter Holly helps her with the many characters she presents. Donna lives in Atoka, TN with her husband…