Identity – by Dr Blake Gideon
All Books , Featured Items , Gideon / May 1, 2017

Identity – Living Your Life with Influential Purpose I believe the first step for any Christian is to know who they are in Christ. If this first step is missed or perhaps later forgotten, it can lead to a life of continual frustration, disappointment, and even depression. Every human being on the face of the earth has an established identity – and that means you. I am not talking about your name, social security number, or even your fingerprint; I’m talking about the way you see yourself and the words you speak to yourself. Because of the sin of mankind, we as humans tend to compare ourselves to others and speak self-defeating words in our mind. But I have great news for you: your internal negative dialogue can change! And this is what this book is all about.   $ 7.99 as ebook $ 9.99 as printed book (shipping additional) BLAKE GIDEON serves as senior pastor for First Baptist Church in Edmond, Oklahoma. He is passionate about the gospel and finds his greatest joy in seeing the lost become saved and for the saved to live out their new identity in Christ. Blake is married to his best friend, Kelly, and they…

Together in Ministry – by Dr. Ted Kersh
All Books , Featured Items , Kersh / January 30, 2017

A book for every every pastor, deacon, and church family who desires to see the ministry of the church strengthened and made more effective. Together in Ministry: • will allow every pastor to see clearly their primary responsibility as they shepherd the church; • will allow every deacon to understand their call to serve the church and assist the pastor in ministry; • will allow the wives to understand the vital part they fulfill in ministry; and • will allow ever church to see the benefit of the pastor and deacons involved in ministry together. Pastor Andy Taylor writes, “I have had Ted do Pastor-Deacon training three times in two churches. I can tell you what you will read in this book has the potential to change the church you serve. I has changed us. It has changed me.”   $ 7.99 TED KERSH lives to help Christians and pastors build their lives on the solid teaching of the Bible. His verse by verse approach will help you practically understand the Word of God. A Luther Rice Seminary graduate, he received the 1997 Eagle Award for Excellence in Ministry. Learn more at

Forty Days of Seeking God Revised – by Dr Greg Frizzell
All Books , Featured Items , Frizzell / July 1, 2016

Forty Days of Seeking God: For Revival, Elections and Key Leaders Revised Study Edition After decades of “calls to prayer and repentance,” one question stands preeminent. “Why has the moral and spiritual collapse continued mostly unabated?” In this new expanded version of Forty Days of Seeking God, believers discover the difference in merely saying general prayers and praying “effective, fervent prayers from utterly yielded hearts.” (James 5:16) Saints learn to move from merely saying we repent generally, to fully yielding to Christ in loving specific surrender. The tool is perfect for churches, small groups, denominations, seminaries, schools and individuals who want to seek God’s guidance for our nation and revival in the land. In the forty day format, individuals, small groups and whole churches experience fervent prayer and deep spiritual revival. With signs of judgment rising rapidly and a most pivotal election ahead, it is time for forty days of deepest prayer and repentance not just the same level of prayer as the past fifty years. Now is the time for more than just another prayer event! We must embrace a genuine return to God through fervent prayer and deepest repentance, not a reliance on politics. In Forty Days of…

Do You Know Who You Are? – by Jerri Mason
All Books , Mason / October 9, 2015

So many of us live our lives trying to please God and trying to please others. The Cross removed the need for us to try to be good enough. Christ’s payment for sin is complete. If you are a child of God, you have riches that are yours, just waiting for you to discover in His Word. This study will show you where. If you’re not sure that you are God’s child, it will show you how to become one. “Jerri’s depth, understanding, and teaching methods give every impression of a seminary doctorate. She has a talent for communicating to a new believer.” – Jim Greer, Minister of Music, retired “Whether you are searching for life’s meaning, looking for answers to difficult questions in your Christian journey, or simply wanting encouragement, peace & hope – this study is for you.” – Cliff Palmer, Pastor / Bible Teacher “Jerri has been my ‘sister friend’ since she led me to the Lord over 20 years ago. We have walked through fun times and tough times together. I’ve seen her heart to reach others for Christ. We are blessed to finally have this study in print.” – Jo Harris, Tulsa, Oklahoma “You (Jerri)…

Wake Up – by Terry Gooding
All Books , Featured Items , Gooding / October 9, 2015

Apocalyptic signs are everywhere. The birth pangs are passing and true labor is upon us. We have all witnessed the simultaneous drastic decline of no less than 10 major world currencies, a dramatic rise in earthquakes and bizarre weather, famine and starvation on an unprecedented scale, and the global fears of ebola. Yet most American Christians have been lulled into an apathetic sleep that has dulled their ears to the coming hoof beats and blinded their eyes to the unfolding of centuries old prophecies. They say, “It is the same as it has always been.” (2 Peter 3:4) To these very believers, the Holy Spirit says, “Wake up! The critical hour is just seconds away. Don’t be as the unprepared virgins” (Matthew 25:1-12). Jesus advises us to anoint our eyes so that we may see (Revelation 3:18). This book seeks to be a wake up call for all believers in Christ who desire to prepare themselves for the coming days. The time is now. The message is urgent. Don’t miss the trumpet sound. $ 7.99 TERRY GOODING, her husband, and family live in Texas. There she has served in prayer ministry for 28 years. She describes her life from Psalm…

The Walk – by Dr. Ted Kersh
All Books , Featured Items , Kersh / August 9, 2015

The Walk – Removing the Struggles Along the Way A book for every Christ-follower, every small group, every church, and every pastor, who truly desires a life saturated in love. The Walk is a map to help relieve the struggles of the Christian journey. It will guide you to an understanding of love that can: • radically renew your life; • take a dysfunctional church and give it an entirely new personality; • redesign a family; • allow you to become a Christ-follower who really does affect the world in which you live. “Is love a challenge? Yes, it is. But once we understand what love is and how it is possible for us to live our lives immersed in love, we will experience victory as never before.” Dr. Gregory Frizzell writes, “In a way that is perfect for small groups or church-wide studies, Dr. Kersh guides readers on a verse-by-verse discovery of why godly love is so critical. He shows how all of our labors and strengths (without love) are useless to God and others. In life-related detail, believers gain understanding of what live is an dhow it acts.”   $ 7.99 TED KERSH lives to help Christians and pastors…

Powerful Prayer for Every Family – by Dr Greg Frizzell
All Books , Frizzell / March 16, 2015

Powerful Prayer for Every Family In a day of unprecedented attack on marriages and children, it has never been more crucial for families to experience God’s close presence. Yet today, busy families seem to flounder when it comes to the most crucial foundation — powerful prayer! Thank God, our Lord has provided a powerful remedy for even the busiest families. There is good news in the fact any family can learn to experience prayers that truly transform and protect. In Powerful Prayer for Every Family, readers will discover the essential missing keys. (Matthew 6:6-13) Praying a Hedge of Protection While studies show most families pray in ways that are far too general and vague, more and more are learning to pray with power! They are learning it really does matter what and how they pray. Believers are also discovering how to pray an effective “hedge of protection” around their loved ones. Perhaps best of all, families are learning that powerful prayer patterns are not complicated, impractical or out of reach. In Powerful Prayer for Every Family, all believers will discover the awesome power of spiritual cleansing. Readers will also experience the powerful dynamic of a “united prayer blitz.” Once families…

In His Loving Hands – by Jan Brunette
All Books , Brunette , Featured Items / January 23, 2015

In His Loving Hands – A Christian Guide for Caregivers Did you know that many caregivers die of serious illnesses before the loved ones they are caring for? It is true! While there is no given proof, it is believed that the stress of caregiving may contribute to the cause. That stress is not only from the minute-by-minute responsibilities and physical demands placed on them, but also the burden of their own daily needs, their doubts, and the despair they encounter in the decision-making processes. This book reveals the gamut of emotions and spiritual struggles a caregiver often trudges through when dealing with an individual who has dementia. It is intended as a guide and encouragement to the families and loved ones who walk the dark valley of dementia on a daily basis. May they realize how Christ’s love is played out step-by-step and understand that the emotions, the tears, and the heartbreak can lead to God’s peace and goodness in the midst of the struggles. This book is not intended to be just a one-time read but a book they can refer to often as they go through the various phases of the caregiving process. I pray that you,…

My Journey – by Shelvie Smith
All Books , Smith / December 13, 2014

My Journey Shelvie Hutchinson Smith shares her heart in writing this book that reveals some of the most difficult times of her life. Her struggles included depression, spiritual warfare, and the loss of her husband and two sons. Through the victory over these battles, God has given her wisdom to help others find hope. Women throughout the country have been renewed through her women’s conferences and one to one counseling. She served as the director of the local pregnancy crisis center in Oxford, Mississippi and taught Bible classes in the women’s ministry of her church. She now makes her home in Aiken, South Carolina with her husband Herschel Smith. She is the grandmother of Landon and Christin Hutchinson and the great grandmother of Eason James. Carolyn Reeves, a long-time friend of Shelvie’s, has authored and co-authored a number of books and articles that support Creationism and challenge Darwinian evolution. Her talents for writing were used to edit and help guide this book.

Seeking God to Seek a Pastor Extras – by Dr Greg Frizzell
All Books , Frizzell / August 9, 2014

Seeking God to Seek a Pastor Extra Material These tools are available to churches who have purchased the Seeking God to Seek a Pastor books. Gregory Frizzell Ministries provides two companion tools for assisting the process of seeking God’s perfect will in a pastor. The Seeking God to Seek a Pastor Workbook is a 184 page book which contains all appendices (A through Z) from the revised Seeking God to Seek a Pastor book. It also contains other tools for additional help. The guides are available as pdf documents which can be copied, printed and edited to suit each church’s process and setting. These tools and documents save committees and church staff countless man-hours by not having to re-create the formats, letters, evaluation forms and surveys, etc. The tools may be used in part or whole as needed. The second tool is the Seeking God to Seek a Pastor Interview Tool. This tool is a 29 page guide for use during the three stage interview process provided in the main book. The interview tool contains the sixty evaluation questions with sufficient blanks to record the candidate’s answers, committee comments and thoughts for each question. This resource may be printed as…

In the Strength of His Might – by Susan Jeans
All Books , Jeans / May 9, 2014

In the Strength of His Might – Remaining Faithful in the Great Tribulation The Great Tribulation, the end times, the prophecies of Daniel, the warnings of Jesus, the vision of John…what do they all mean – and are they relevant to today? If you have ever wondered about Biblical prophecies concerning the end of this age but have been afraid to try to tackle such sweeping amounts of Scripture (and the terrifying subject matter), this book was written just for you. In a defense of a pre-wrath rapture, In the Strength of His Might follows the Scriptures through Daniel’s insights, Jesus’ discourse on the end times, Paul’s exhortation to the church at Thessalonica, and John’s vision as recorded in Revelation. Laying out these difficult passages in a logical, easy-to-follow outline and exposition, this study serves as an encouragement to be sure that you have your “house in order” as well as instruction on how to be prepared. This is one book you cannot afford to miss. $ 14.95 and can be purchased here: SUSAN JEANS is a Texas attorney who has been a Bible student using the Precept Ministries curriculum for over 20 years, and a Precept leader since…

The b Paradigm – An Early Church Growth Model – by Lennox Zamore
All Books , Zamore / January 29, 2014

  The b Paradigm – An Early Church Growth Model There is no doubt that the human principal in the formation of the Early Church was Peter. However, at the very infancy of the Early Church we see key influence shifting to well-known figures like Stephen and Phillip and the Apostle Paul. But before all these players, center stage belonged to a rather covert and often unheralded character called, Joses. Joses was a major church-growth catalyst in the Early Church. The Holy Spirit records for us that at the heart of this extraordinary church growth phenomenon was the never-before-mentioned Joses, who, because of this remarkable ecclesiastical operation, was renamed Barnabas by the very apostles. The generosity and sacrifice of Barnabas sustained the apostles and the new-found Church thus facilitating this phenomenal growth. Interestingly, however, it is not his “exalted” persona that gained him notoriety in the Early Church. Joses was famous for something much more germane to the critical atmosphere of growth in the Church. So salient was his way of operating that the apostles, the principals of the Church, characterized Joses by it. They actually renamed this phenomenal man – Barnabas or Parakletos in the Greek – the same…

The Lord’s Supper – by Dr Greg Frizzell
All Books , Frizzell / September 15, 2013

The Lord’s Supper “A Covenant of Love Surrender” The Church’s greatest need is recapturing first love passion and power in Jesus. The Lord’s Supper done properly can bring us back to just such passion and strength in Christ. When believers experience a fresh vision of God’s glory, grace and holiness, they are never the same! In essence, revival is restored passion, deeper surrender and power to impact our world. As believers discover the full meaning of the new covenant in Christ’s blood, their confidence and joy explode to whole new levels. In The Lord’s Supper, believers experience heart preparation that restores unity and New Testament power for victorious living. We experience grace to more fully love Jesus and other believers. While not over-complicating the Lord’s Supper, the book helps participants more deeply worship the awesome God it reflects. In a way that is balanced and biblical, The Lord’s Supper guards believers from the very real risk of taking communion in ways that bring judgment. The prayer guides and covenant in this book will help believers fully understand and appreciate this most holy church ordinance. While the book is excellent for any Lord’s Supper observance, it is especially powerful for Easter…

Return to Me – by Dr Greg Frizzell
All Books , Frizzell / December 6, 2012

Return to Me “A Journey of First Love Surrender” After forty years of emphases on “prayer and repentance,” we are forced to face a most sobering reality. There is far more talk and activities about revival than genuinely experiencing God in it. In spite of voluminous programs and strategies, baptism ratios and morality have never been lower. The preeminent question is why? In Return to Me, readers discover the vast difference in merely “saying” prayers of surface confession and full loving surrender to Christ’s Lordship. Drawn directly from Zechariah 1:3, Return to Me is an experiential journey to renewed power in God’s grace and Spirit. In this tool, believers discover how to fully surrender and experience the daily grace of spiritual fullness. But far more than a temporary program, this journey is a lasting covenant of first love passion for God. Believers learn to embrace the essential steps of lasting obedience and closeness with Christ. For those who truly surrender, the result is revival and empowered evangelism. For God’s glory, we must settle for nothing less. (Isaiah 43:7; John 15:8)   for $5 each ($4 for 50+)   For over twenty-five years, Dr. Frizzell has pastored churches and conducted national prayer…

Amazing Faith…Meet My Friend Tammy – by Kristy Gardner
All Books , Gardner / November 15, 2012

“Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” Hebrews 11:1 Have you ever stopped and pondered what faith means? Webster’s defines it several ways, but I want to focus on only one: “belief and trust in and loyalty to God”. Come meet a modern day picture of faith. See what faith looks like when facing the kind of news from the doctor that no one wants to hear. Watch as faith is lived out in the life of a normal, everyday woman of God. And you will see how living faithfully can impact others in ways you can’t even imagine. After reading this book, you will want to live your life so full of faith that others can see hope and encouragement in you. So come inside and meet my faithful friend Tammy.

Forty Days of Seeking God – by Dr Greg Frizzell
All Books , Frizzell / July 13, 2012

Forty Days of Seeking God “For Revival, Elections and Key Leaders” After decades of “calls to prayer and repentance,” one question stands preeminent. “Why has the moral and spiritual collapse continued mostly unabated?” In Forty Days of Seeking God, believers discover the difference in merely “saying” general prayers and praying “effective, fervent prayers from utterly yielded hearts.” (James 5:16) Saints learn to move from merely “saying we repent,” to fully yielding to Christ in loving surrender. In Scripture, it is clear that God is neither fooled nor impressed by general prayers and surface pledges of repentance. (Ezekiel 33:31; Joel 2:12-13) Yet, when saints learn to fully pray God’s heart and surrender to Christ’s Lordship, nations can still be shaken! (2 Chronicles 7:14; Jeremiah 29:13) In this practical tool, believers will experience the power of strategic biblical prayers and a covenant that embraces genuine repentance. With signs of judgment rising rapidly and a most pivotal election looming, it is time for forty days of deepest prayer and repentance. Yet, no is the time for more just than another prayer “event.” We must embrace a genuine return to God through fervent prayer and deepest repentance. In Forty Days of Seeking God, believers…

Saved, Certain, and Transformed – by Dr Greg Frizzell
All Books , Frizzell / April 6, 2012

Saved, Certain, and Transformed “How God Transforms People and Churches” It is very significant that most Great Awakenings involved many doubting saints finding assurance and lost church members finding true salvation. While no one knows the exact percentage, we do know significant numbers of believers struggle with nagging doubts about their salvation. Even more alarming, our Lord states that many who now think they are saved, are tragically deceived. (Matthew 7:22; Luke 13:26) In this biblical grace-filled book, readers will experience God’s answer to the central barriers to spiritual awakening — unconverted church members, doubting saints and powerless prayer lives. In Saved, Certain and Transformed, believers find full victory as their doubts are laid to rest and God’s peace becomes real. Countless others will discover true new birth in Christ. All will learn to walk in powerful prayer and fullness. Throughout history, true revivals began with the three main emphases contained in this book. May this church-wide study be a tool for many salvations, full assurance and sweeping spiritual awakening. For God’s glory, we must settle for nothing less!   for $5 each ($4 for 50+)   $2.99 in PDF format in Chinese For over twenty-five years, Dr. Frizzell has…

The Practical ABC’s of Walking with Jesus – by Phyllis Elliott Elvington
All Books , Elvington / February 15, 2012

  The Practical ABC’s of Walking with Jesus – Delighting yourself in the presence of the Lord! David challenges us in Psalm 37:4, “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.” The Practical ABC’s of Walking with Jesus…Delighting yourself in the presence of the Lord! shares Biblical truths to help you experience the indescribable joy and abiding peace that come as you spend time daily in the presence of the Master. $ 6.95 PHYLLIS ELLIOTT ELVINGTON has probably been in your shoes at one point in time or another: child of the heavenly Father, daughter, sister, church member, friend, Bible teacher, wife, college student, speaker, full-time employee, stay-at-home mom, writer, widow, parttime employee, second marriage, and coach. Phyllis and her husband Charles live in Green Sea, South Carolina. Together they have three sons — Matthew, John Mark, and Webb.

Breezes of Mercy – by Jeff Kelly
All Books , Kelly / May 16, 2011

“Should I go back home to Chicago, or spend the rest of the summer in Oklahoma with the guy of my dreams? It seemed like a no-brainer. How could I know the surprise, heartbreak, and love I would experience as a result of the decision I would make in the next few days?” After living through a horrible ordeal in Chicago and finding new life on the windswept plains of Oklahoma, sixteen year old Lexi Turney has a decision to make. The whispering in her heart tells her to return home and rebuild her relationship with her mom. But how can she? They were never close, and after hearing her mom criticize her beloved late father, Lexi is even less interested in reconciliation. Will Lexi overcome her old habits and live out her new faith? Above all, how will Lexi deal with the shock of learning about her father’s unbelievable secret? Come along on the amazing and encouraging journey of Lexi’s first year as a Christian. You can purchase this book from the website: Lexi Turney

Living in a Zoo? – by Brenda Lancaster
All Books , Lancaster , ZooKeepers Ministries / December 28, 2010

This powerful new study from God’s Word is broken into two six-week sessions, and will help equip women of all ages to be the women, wives, and moms they were intended to be.  Author Brenda Lancaster invites women to take a break from their “zoo” of a life and learn how to apply godly truths in a practical manner.